Holiday house

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments and places that take our breath away!"

Kosovija - holiday house


We invite you to take pleasure in picnic in the countryside, in the shade of an old oak, in having dinner alfresco, by candlelight, as summer night slowly descends…

Our family estate is set in stunning scenery in the heart of central Istria, overlooking the rolling hills and the slopes of Mount Učka in the distance. This quiet and secluded cottage is surrounded by colorful garden and countryside of olive groves, vineyards and fields of lavender. The symbol of the place, an old oak, takes the central position on the lawn. In its shade, you can have “an alfresco dinner” set at a big wooden table, enjoying the panorama. We offer you a relaxed holiday at your own pace, away from tourist crowds and stress. Our self-catering cottage is an ideal retreat for all generations, families with children and all nature lovers.

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This small heart shaped peninsula, so close to Central Europe, has managed to preserve all natural beauties of Mediterranean. Nature lovers will be enchanted by its pleasant climate, diversity of its landscape particularly of its interior called the Green Istria.

Istria is a beauty, but is not one of those beauties that will show you all her charms at the very first date. You will like her at first sight, but real love will happen only when you discover her secrets, her heart and soul. But, to be rewarded so, you need to dedicate some attention and time to her.

Istria - this charming piece of Mediterranean – may be the right choice for you.

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